Krishan Dutt Sharma

Web Developer

Create A New ASP.NET MVC Project In Visual Studio 2013

This Article is for Beginners, Who just Start with MVC and Visual Studio 2013. In this article, i am using Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition.


Open Visual Studio. You can open the  Visual Studio in many ways which are I explain below:

  1. Click the Start button and type “v” in the “search” box. It will listed the programs (including Visual Studio) and select the Visual Studio.

2. Click “Start” button and type “devenv” in “Search” box. “Devenv” is the short form for “Development Environment”, which denotes Visual Studio in Windows OS.

  1. Windows 8.1 offers the concept called “pin and unpin the programs” in taskbar. Just pin the Visual Studio in taskbar as shown below. This is another shortcut to open VS in a quicker manner.


Go to File Menu, then New Menu and select “Project..”


In the “New Project” dialog, select “Templates”, Visual C#, and then Web and select “ASP.NET Web Application”. After that provide the name you want to save and click “OK”.


In the next screen select ASP.NET Template as “MVC” as shown in the following screen. This screen also offers to include “core references” for WebForms and Web API as well. If you want you can just add those by checking the checkbox. If you also want to add “Unit Tests” for this project, Visual Studio will add one for you, if you check “Add unit tests” checkbox. Click “OK” to open the selected template.


In Next Screen Your Project just under Processing complete loading the required file and assemblies.


In Next screen Select a Source Control System for new Project i.e Git


That’s it. You have successfully created an ASP.NET MVC Web Project. It will look like below, as you can see, it will consist of all the necessary files to start the development. You can see this in the solution explorer.

If I have missed anything, please comment below.