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Export SQL Table data to Excel File with Column Headers in and VB.Net.

In this article I will explain, how to export SQL Table data to Excel file with Column Headers in C#.First of all, we fetch the SQL Server database recodes into DataTable .net Object and then the DataTable will be exported to Excel file using the ClosedXml library in and VB.Net. DATABASE I have made a SQL table which name is A_RBG_SBG_MASTER. Below i am Show the Design part of the table and its data.

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How To Convert Image To The Base64 String

I am going to explain the below two concepts. I will be using jQuery, AJAX, SQL Server, and ASP.NET technologies. How to convert an image to the base64 string and save it to the database. Display image on the webpage from the base64 string. How to convert an image to the base64 string using jQuery? Open Visual Studio X (X=version). Create a new web application. In my case, the name of the application is “SaveImageBase64” as you can see in the below picture (Figure:-1).

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How To Enable HTTPS In ASP.NET Web API

In this article, you will see how we can enable HTTPS in ASP.NET Web API. We will start by discussing all the steps required to enable HTTPS in ASP.NET web API. And then we will discuss all the steps in detail. Also, you will see how we can enable HTTPS support for the development server.

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Passing Values From JavaScript Functions to ASP.Net Functions in ASP.Net

Sometimes it necessry to values from a JavaScript function to an ASP.Net function. For example, we have a table and a GridView control on a page. In our table there are fields such as Employee Name, Age and Salary of the Employee and the condition is that only those employees should be added to the database whose age is greater than or equal to 25 and we want to carry out the validation process using JavaScript on a single click event of a button control and if the age is greater than or equal to 25 it should be added to the database and the corresponding records should be displayed in the GridView control.

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Creating ASP.NET Web API REST Service

Today's application needs to be communicated on all cross platforms to fulfill the need of today's modern application, to fulfill these requirement lots of technologies are invented and they are used as per requirement. The Web API is one of the latest technology to fulfil the requirement of enterprise application.

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Export Data To PDF From DataTable

In this Article, I am showing how we can export the data into PDF format from Datatable, for this first of all we create a table in SQL i.e Called tbl_EmpDetails.

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