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What is ddl hell problem and it’s solution in .net

DLL Hell refers to the set of problems while sharing multiple applications under a single common component like Dynamic Link Library(DLL) or a Component Object Model(COM) class. Simply, it is the problem which occurs while registering the DLL components with a common name. DOT Net has removed this problem by introducing the concept of versioning...

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Working with Tuple in C# 4.0

The base class library exposes two objects. It exposes the static class Tuple which allows you to get a number of Tuple instances based on the Static method....

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What Is Named Arguments In C#

Generally, In Methods call, Arguments are passed according to the order of parameters defined in the method definition. So when making a method call, it is necessary for us to remember the order of parameters before passing the value to the method call. If the number of parameters is large then it is difficult to remember the order.....

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Eight Reasons To Upgrade To VS2017

Have you tried Visual Studio 2017 at home and want to use it at work? Here are eight reasons to upgrade today that you can share with your management.

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Delegates and Events In C#

Delegates and events are a fundamental concept yet complex in .NET and C# language. This article explains basic concepts of delegates and events and how they are used in a .NET and C# application. Delegates Delegate is one of the base types in .NET. Delegate is a class, which is used to create delegate at runtime. Delegate in C# is similar to a function pointer in C or C++. It's a new type of object in C#. Delegate is very special type of object as earlier the entire the object we used to defined contained data but delegate just contains the details of a method.

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Design Patterns in C#

What is design Pattern in c#? Design Patterns are categorized into 3 types and they are: Creational Design Patterns. Structural Design Patterns. Behavioral Design Patterns. What are Creational Design Patterns? These patterns deal with the process of objects creation. The flowing are the different types of Creational Design patterns. Abstract Factory Pattern - Createinstances of several classes belonging to different families. Factory Pattern - Create instances ofderived classes. Builder Pattern - Separates an objectconstruction from its representation. Lazy Pattern - Create a duplicate objector clone of the object.

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Naming Conventions In C#.Net

For any developer, Naming Conventions is a best practice when working on any development project. Let’s discuss more about Naming Conventions in this article. Why Naming Conventions? Naming Conventions are very important to identify the usage and purpose of a class or a method and to identify the type of variable and arguments. Types of Naming Conventions Below are the two major parts of Naming Conventions. Pascal Casing (PascalCasing) Camel Casing (camelCasing)

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