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Dynamically append data to the grid in ASP.NET with jQuery

Introduction This post is written in support of this forum thread where the author is asking how to append data in the grid that is found from the database based on id.To achieve this, we shall use jQuery for front end and ASP.NET with SQL Server as backend.Use of jQuery First refer the jQuery file under the head element of the page as it is shown below.

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Way to Call Controller Actions From HTML Using jQuery

When writing MVC code you cannot forget jQuery. jQuery provides a substantial contribution to make your application faster. The following is what is to be discussed: using $.get() using $.post() using $.ajax() using URL (JavaScript style) When you are writing jQuery code, one thing to keep in your mind is that you need to minimize page loading/refreshing.

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jQuery Ajax Function: Call Code-behind C# Method

In this article we will learn how to implement an ajax method in jQuery. There is no need to explain that ajax is one of the strong pillars of the future of web development. Since ajax is a concept or technique we can implement ajax with any web development platform. It is possible to implement ajax with PHP or with JSP or with ASP.NET or with many other technologies. Since we are learning .NET, in this article we will explain ajax in the context of C# .NET.

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